How to Replace a Projector Lamp

It’s just one more day of benefitting as much as possible from your projector lamp or Rear Projection TV when all of a sudden you see the dreaded light advised pointer uncovering to you it will be time soon to supplant the projector light. With these clear walks, you will make sense of how to supplant a projector light and have come back to taking advantage of your projector or TV in a matter of moments.


Gather the essential instruments from your trusted Dubai Electrical Supply Store. Luckily, you’ll simply require a manual screwdriver to oust the board. You will similarly need a sensitive, non-grinding texture advantageous to help avoid any contact with your fingers and the light social affair. A Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth is endorsed.


urn off TV or Projector. After the unit has chilled off fittingly, oust the power string from the outlet and the unit completely.


Remove Lamp Compartment Door. The light compartment on projectors is regularly arranged underneath the projector unit. For Rear Projection TVs, the light compartment should be arranged in the back towards the base left or right 50% of the TV. 2-4 screws will be holding the compartment set up. Cleared the screws and the light compartment gateway.


Expel Lamp Assembly. Accurately pull out the light assembling and withdraw any power ropes that may at give be related the light social affair. Put it aside and don’t get it mixed up for your new light!


Clean Lamp Compartment. Clean gets everywhere and remembering that you have the projector open, use a fragile texture or littler scale fiber cleaning material to oust any free clean from the light compartment.


Install New Lamp Assembly. Carefully reconnect any power connects to the new light if present and slide the new light into the compartment in a comparative presentation that the principal light turned out.


Take Lamp Compartment Door. Set the light compartment gateway afresh into the correct spot and securely sink the passage without fixing it too solidly.


Reset the light clock. Rules on the most capable technique to do this should be secured by the course manual.


You’re Done! Take advantage of your projector or TV again and guarantee you have a fortification light helpful if the lights go out all of a sudden.




Save money by managing your projector light beforehand, at that point sometime later it is presented.


Most Manufacturers have their thing manuals available online for review and additionally download. Make a point to take a gander at the manual for any rules that may be specific to your model.


Have a tremendous measure of connections associated with your projector or TV? Check each connection with tape and name each connection with what it should be associated with before you supplant the light. You will be stunned that it is so normal to neglect where things go.

Littler scale Fiber Cleaning Cloths are ideal for the treatment of Projector Lamp Assemblies.

If you are wondering how to replace your old or broken projector lamp, watch the video below: